About us

The Concept Of Transparency, Trust And Ethics


Manol Diamonds was established in 2019, but our history in the diamond industry and jewelry started much earlier. Our team of experts both at home and abroad is the core of the company that makes us unique. By using our knowledge and expertise about diamond and jewelry, we provide guidance for buyers and diamond investors so that they make a safe and profitable trade. We are a dealer without intermediaries with large stocks of GIA certified loose diamonds means that we can deliver quality diamonds at wholesale prices in Norway and the rest of the world so that customers can make money in both short and long-term investment.

My name is Jacob Shafie and I have been in the diamond trade since 2015. I have had customers both abroad and at home. I worked as a freelancer and helped people obtain investment objects such as gold bars and loose diamonds. I have extensive experience in the diamond trade and work directly with major manufacturers in India, Antwerp, HK and the USA. I have also had courses on colorless diamonds at the world's leading gemological institution GIA. Most of my time is spent helping customers hand-pick the perfect diamond for their ring at a reasonable price. I have extensive experience in design and production processed by jewelry. Is there anything I can help you with, you are welcome to contact me.